This is The Utter… 

A living, breathing journal. A stream of consciousness. An unedited, twice-weekly newsletter about things that are true (or true enough), large things unsaid, things that make me laugh, and things that are difficult.

Hi, I’m Yrsa Daley-Ward. I am based between Brooklyn NY and London. You might know me from my books or even my IG, where I post many a thought or poem, and where I get to meet so many of you, almost daily. I still love to post my poems (or snippets of them) into small coloured squares (ha!) and do not intend to stop, but I would also love to spend more time with you, write to you, read from you, and delve deeper, deeper still into the workings of the mind.  So the call has come for something else, something more.

This is The Utter.

The Utter arrives in your inbox every Tuesday and Friday (and on occasion, more often!) On Tuesdays, subscribers will read the first personal journal-like post of the week, which will vary in form; poetry, prose, meditations on life.

Friday will bring a bonus post, giving way to new writings, poetry readings, audio streams of consciousness, group chat threads, news sneak peeks, and =Q&A’s.

In the near future, there will be another tier for paid subscribers at $5 per month, and Friday posts will be paywalled. Paying subscribers help in funding the very existence of The Utter. The posts every Tuesday will continue for all subscribers, and paid subscribers will have access to both Tuesday and Friday posts.

*If you would like to pay now, that is wonderful…but for now I am offering everything for free.

Thank you for being here.

Yrsa xxxx